Forever Princess
Author Meg Cabot
Series Princess Diaries
Publication date 6th January 2009
Previous Princess Mia
Next Last book

The Princess Diaries, Volume X: Forever Princess is a young adult book in the Princess Diaries series. Written by Meg Cabot, it was released on January 6, 2009[1] by Harper Collins Publishers.

The book was released in the UK on the 2nd of January 2009, and called The Princess Diaries: Ten out of Ten.

Plot Edit

The main character, Mia, left us with an unhappy ending in the ninth book and we join her again in the tenth, which is meant to be set two years after the ninth, in her senior year. She is unhappy in her relationship with J.P, her ex Michael is back from Japan and back into her life..., she tries to get her romance novel published, she also has to deal with turning eighteen and the extravagant party that Grandmere is throwing for her, and helping her father win the election.

When Michael returns, Mia can't resist seeing him so she turns up at an event that Michael is presenting his Cardio-Arm, a robot arm which he made in Japan. When Michael sees Mia, he acts like everything's normal and asks to see Mia's Senior project. She gives him the novel and after that, they meet up. The last meeting they have, before Mia graduates, they end up kissing. Mia was shocked at what she have done, leaves. Michael texts Mia, saying, "I'm not sorry."

When Mia and J.P go to the prom, Mia starts to see J.P for who he really is. She sees Lilly go in the toilets and follows. In the toilet, Lilly helps Mia realize who J.P is and what he's doing. Mia and Lilly fixed their faces and Mia goes and look for J.P. Mia dumps J.P when he admitted everything. Michael, thanks to Lilly, turns up at the prom and hears everything. When Mia bumps into him, he says he heard everything and he'll turn him into cream. Mia begs him not to and suggests going back to his loft.

Michael, surprised at this suggestion, agrees. That night, Mia loses her virginity to him. The next day, Lana and Tina realizes she has lost her virginity and congratulate her. The story ends with Mia and Michael dancing, and Mia smelling Michael's neck. Michael asks her to stop smelling him for a moment and lift her head. Mia does this, and Michael kisses her.