Shameeka Taylor is one of Mia's friends, she has an overprotective father.

After she joins the cheerleading team, Lana claims that the African American Shameeka was put on the team to "fill our freak quota". Nevertheless, Shameeka becomes quite popular, apparently leaving Mia's group in books seven and eight though remaining on friendly terms, but returns in book nine when Lana and Trisha become friends with them.

Mia states in Mia Goes Fourth (Princess in Waiting in the US) that Shameeka is athletic and attractive,and that she can wrap both ankles around her head,indicating that she is quite tall. She is said to look like a supermodel.

Shameeka is also a determined person, stating she was tired of letting Lana and her friends push her around and that even if she wasn't in their little clique, why shouldn't she try out for cheerleading? On Mia's list of people she loves in the seventh book, Shameeka is ninth, along with Ling Su and Perin, below Tina Hakim Baba and above Mia's stepfather, Mr Gianini. Mia mentions she is a pisces. She loves Beyonce and her screen name is Beyonce_Is_Me.