This is the romance of any couple in The Princess Diaries

Mia Thermopolis and Michael MoscovitzEdit

Michael is Mia's main interest throughout the series.

In this first book, Mia does not know she has a crush on Michael. She dressed up to go meet her grandmother and Michael mistakenly thought she was going on a date. Michael was always upset when he found out Mia liked other boys. She has a crush on Josh Richter. Michael tries to ask her out on various occasions but fails. Michael often flirted with Mia and said mean things about Josh Richter so she would change her mind about him. He tries to ask Mia to the Cultural Diversity Dance but is interrupted by Miss Hills. Mia runs out of class before he has a chance to finish fearing that he was going to make her study math on a weekend. Michael shows up at the dance to spy on Mia and Josh Richter. After Mia publicly humiliates Josh she spends most of her time at the dance talking with Michael. He later asks Mia  to dance and without hesitation she says yes. After the dance they all go to Lilly and Micheal's house to watch movies. Everyone except Mia leave after. Michael invites Mia up to his room gets the courage to play the song "Tall Drink of Water." Micheal wrote the song for Mia but she doesn't get it.

In book 2, Mia comes to know that she has feelings for Michael but is to shy to tell him. She starts to get messages from JoCrox who is her biology partner Kenny. She hoped it was Michael but later realized that he is not kind of guy who won't sign his name at the end of a message. When Michael see's Kenny's arm around Mia he looks to Lars to put a stop to it. Michael fails again to ask out Mia.

In book 3, Mia is dating Kenny Showalter. Michael is seen a lot with Judith Gresher leading Mia to believe they are dating. She realizes that the only reason she agreed to go out with Kenny is because of the anounymous love letter he sent her. She decides to send Michael some. Lilly tells Michael that Mia is the one that is sending the letters. Michael always asked Mia