Princess Elizabeth


Elizabeth Renaldo Moscovitz

Date of Birth

November 24th 2015


Princess of Genovia


Mia Thermopolis (Mother)
Michael Moscovitz (Father)
Prince Frank (Twin Brother)
Helen Thermopolis (Maternal Grandmother)
Phillipe Renaldo, Prince of Genovia (Maternal Grandfther)
Frank Gianini (Maternal Step-Grandfather)
Ruth Moscovitz
(Paternal Grandmother)
Morty Moscovitz
(Paternal Gandfather)
Rocky Thermopolis-Gianini (Maternal Half-Uncle)
Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison (Maternal Half-Aunt)
Lily Moscovitz (Paternal Aunt)
Clarisse Renaldo (Maternal Great-Grandmother)
Rupert Renaldo (Maternal Great-Grandfather)
Mamaw Thermopolis (Maternal Great-Grandmother)
Papaw Thermopolis (Maternal Great-Grandfather)
Marie Thermopolis (Maternal Grandaunt)
Pierre Renaldi (Maternal Granduncle)
Hank Thermpolis (Once removed cousin)

Princess Elizabeth Renaldo Moscovitz is the daughter of Princess Mia and Michael Moscovitz. She has a twin brother, Frank. She was named after Princess Olivia's deceased mother Elizabeth Harrison.