Phillipe Renaldi

Full name


Artur Christoff Phillipe Gerard Grimaldi Renaldi

Princess Diaries

First appearance The Princess Diaries
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10 out of 10



39 - 43

(first book to last book)


Prince of Genovia

Title Prince of Genovia

He lives in the Plaza with his mother, Dowager Princess Clarisse Renaldi. He has had cancer in the past, which has caused him to now have only one testicle, which also means he can have no more children. So naturally his only daughter, Mia Thermopolis, is heir to Genovia. He still gets a lot of girlfriends, so Mia quotes in the first book that, "For a man who only has one testicle, he sure thinks a lot about sex!" His only true love is Helen Thermopolis, who is Mia's mother. In the novel series spin-off, The Notebook of a Middle School Princess, he marries Helen Thermopolis after her husband Frank Gianini dies as the two finally get themselves together. Also in the novel, it is revealed that he has a 12 year old daughter who is Mia's little half-sister and later becomes the stepfather of Helen's son, Rocky.

On Mia's list of people she loves in the seventh book, Phillipe is fifth, below her mother Helen and above her bodyguard, Lars van der Hooten.