Lana Weinberger is a popular junior cheerleader with long, awapuhi-scented blonde hair, a peaches-and-cream complexion, baby blue eyes and large breasts which Mia always talks about. Mia once commented on how Lana must stuff her pompoms down her sweater, because that is the only way her chest could stick out so much. She also says that Lana is the prettiest girl in their class. Her screen name is cheergirl.

She dates Josh Richter from the start of the series until the summer break between the fifth and sixth books when they split up due to the four-mile distance between them and his departure for college.

Lana's younger sister, Gretchen, starts at AEHS in volume eight and has a very similar personality. Lana is very spiteful towards Mia until a major shift in the ninth novel, when Lana offers the olive branch because Lilly is no longer a part of Mia's social circle.

Lana and Mia become good friends- with Mia noting that Lana is actually a nice but misunderstood person- although there is still some awkwardness. At the start Lana is consistently teasing Mia and making her angry which makes her stomp on Lana's phone in the 3rd book. Mia pays for a new one and is suspended for the rest of the day. In the sixth book, Lana is said to have long, smooth legs, lip gloss her hair never sticks to and perfect teeth.

In the tenth book, at her graduation she is given back her horse which her parents took away from her at a young age. Her pet name for mia is Geek

In the royal wedding book. It is said she has a baby.