Judith Gershner was a student at AEHS.  For a school science fair, she cloned a fruit fly. She had a brief romantic relationship with Michael Moscovitz. She has long curly black hair and pasty skin.

Relationship with Michael Moscovitz Edit

Judith and Michael were in the Computer Club together and spent time together as friends.  Michael and Judith also had a one-time Friends with Benefits relationship in which Michael lost his virginity to her, in the event of what Michael called as just "messing around".

While Michael does not consider it to be significant as he was single at the time, it later impacts his relationship with Mia significantly.  Mia believes the fact that Michael did not disclose this relationship to constitute a lie and breaks up with him.  Much of Mia's self-doubt in the first few books comes from Judith and her friendship with Michael.