Helen Thermopolis is Mia and Rocky's mother and Phillipe Renaldi's former lover. She is a feminist.


Helen was born and raised in Versailles, Indiana.  Her relationship with her parents is strained because of their conservative views.  Helen's family is of Greek origin. Mia describes her as very beautiful, with black curly hair, but somewhat scatterbrained. Helen is an activist for feminist causes and has raised Mia to champion many of the same issues.  Helen never married Mia's father Phillipe but does marry Mia's algebra teacher, Frank Gianini.  She and Frank have a son together named Rocky. She has a sister named Marie whom she doesn't get along with due to Marie being a Republican

Mia Thermopolis Edit

Helen is close to her daughter Mia, having raised her essentially as a single mother until Mia reaches her teens, and is always ready to give her advice.  Helen often defends Mia to her father and grandmother, although she must relent at times to Mia's duty as princess.

Frank Gianini Edit

Frank Gianini is Helen's husband.  He and Helen first met because he was Mia's algebra teacher and she was failing, although their relationship quickly progressed from there. Helen and Frank decide to get married after Helen becomes pregnant with his child. After finding out that Mia's paternal grandmother, Grandmere, is throwing them a lavish wedding ceremony, the couple elopes to Mexico. They have a son together named Rocky. In The Notebook of a Middle School Princess, it is revealed that he died, leaving Helen as a widow.

Phillipe Renaldi Edit

Prince Phillipe Renaldi of Genovia was a former lover of Helen's, with whom she had a daughter, Mia.  When Mia is growing up, Phillipe ensures that Helen's loft and bills are paid in order to protect Mia, his heir.  Later, Phillipe and Helen argue over the stresses that Mia's princess duties (and princess lessons) put on her.  

Although Helen has moved beyond her relationship with Phillipe, he admits to Mia that he is still in love with Helen.  However, he says that he is able to move past it most of the time in order to function. He eventually gets married to her in the last book, The Princess Diaries Royal Wedding (after Mia's wedding of course).