Andrew Jacoby is a character in the movie series.  He is introduced in The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement.

Royal engagement 13
He is portrayed by Callum Blue.

Relationships Edit

===Mia Thermopolis

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Andrew meets Mia when she chooses him as a potential suitor. They start a relationship quickly, and soon after meeting he gives her his grandmother's wedding ring, to propose to her. Andrew is aware that Mia is not in love with him but is willing to marry her because of a sense of duty that he feels.  She breaks off their relationship at their wedding, and Andrew is thankful to not be forced into a loveless marriage. They seem to be on mutual terms after the wedding.

==== Lilly Moskovitz

Lilly and Andrew seem to be good friends. They barely interacted on-screen, except when Mia has Lilly distract Andrew so she be alone with Nicholas.